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Summer of my Burned legs! March 19, 2012

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Well, New England has decided to bring spring earlier than ever this year! It is 77 degrees right now, almost 4pm. Over the next few days the temps will get into the 80s!
I am going to have t get out in the sunshine and start my yearly tan.
Speaking of yearly tans, for years my legs would not tan at all. Back in the 80s, when I lived in AZ, I went tubing down the Salt River with a friend. We tied out tubes together and just lazed on down, enjoying the sun, other tubers, and our picnic lunch! I brought a tube of sun block to use mostly on my friend who was auburn haired and fair skinned. Since I grew up near the ocean in MA, I figured fresh water wouldn’t be as bed and just occasionally lathered myself with the sunblock.

Boy, was I ever wrong! I ended up with 2nd and 3rd degree burns on my legs! It was apparent as soon as we turned in our tubes and rode back to the car. I HURT! Could hardly walk. Ended up sleeping in a tub of cold water that night. Had to call in sick the next day, and got to a Doc.
Let me say, there are dermatologists virtually on every other corner of Phoenix! Snowbirds just don’t realize how bad the sun is there!
Well, I could not wear pantyhose for weeks! And had to wear sandals! I had an ointment to put on my legs twice a day, had to soak in COLD water ever morning before work, and had to sleep with wet towels on the front of my legs.
The doctor said I would not be able to tan my legs for a VERY LONG time – years. He was right.
All that happened in the early 80s, and I tanned my legs for the first time last summer(2011)!
I now look forward to tanning again this year but really did learn my lesson.
How about you? Any experience like that?