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Hope everyone’… March 18, 2012

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Hope everyone’s Saturday was fruitful.  I spent the day trying to do my first FMQ with a Cat Mat I am making.  Came to the conclusion I just don’t know how!  Finally called a local quilt shop and asked about classes in FMQ.  Can’t attend until May.

I also made some of my fave steak and gravy with mushrooms and onions.  YUM!  Very simple and very delicious.  I eat it without potatoes or rice, have to keep those carbs down below 20g a day!  That’s okay b/c I love the steak!

Spent some time trying to learn how to get this blog up and running.  Not much help as I learn better by example than by reading.  I can learn by reading but some things are easier for me if I’m shown how to do it.

Started trying to finish the Cat Mat by hand quilting but, since the front and back are the same, it is too difficult to match the stitches on both side!  Soooo, I took the back off and replaced it with a solid piece of fabric.  This way when I quilt it the stitches on the back will form a pattern but not have to match the front perfectly.

With the second “front” I will make another Cat Mat for a friend.  Or maybe even for one of my cats.

Had Chobani pineapple for breakfast and a PP strawberry smoothie for lunch.  Will have either meat sauce with mushrooms and broccoli or steak dish for dinner.  Cheese and crackers(triscuits) for snack before bed.

Getting bit tired now.  Will sit back and watch Harry  Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


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